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Reguis Grandito Bear Cub Pick!

21 Mar , 2016,
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20160315_154443_Richtone(HDR)The first thing that stands out to me is the toothy shiny wrapper. The entire Regius line is  Nicaraguan Puro (made using only Nicaraguan tobacco),and made in London.

I digress… As I light the cigar it toasts perfectly. I’m definitely excited for this experience. The first thing I taste is an excellent earthy flavor, with hints of nuttiness, and a touch of sweetness. This cigar has a Cubanesque taste to it that I am really enjoying.  The draw is smooth and the smoke is deep and creamy. I personally am a fan of the grandito size, as a lil cub anything bigger than a 50 ring gauge is just cumbersome. The earthy flavor intensifies in the second third, and I am now picking up a woody undertone as well. I am really enjoying this stick! A customer walks in and I set my cigar down to help, as I get back to it a minute or so later the smoke is out already. I guess that’s the downside to smoking a thinner stick. I would definitely recommend this to someone looking for a relaxing medium to medium full smoke!

That’s it for now.

Back to Cubbing around *giggles*

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