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Bear Cub Pick #4!

6 Nov , 2015,
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I know this blog started off as “weekly picks” but hey… life happens y’all!

And this ‘lil Cub was busting moves to coordinate our first Featured Cigar Manufacturer Night with Arturo Fuente Cigars!!! Hopefully some of you were awesome enough to attend 🙂 There were some fantastic cigars, wine, food, live jazz music, and great company! You can view the photo album from that night right here! For those of you who couldn’t make it, not to worry, we will have another one soon!

But, I digress. Back to the topic of interest. Cigars.

This time I’ve decided to feature the Padrón Dámaso No. 8.


I have been thoroughly enjoying these since we got them in a couple of weeks ago, and had to order two more boxes since (Thanks Alex!). It’s named after Dámaso Padrón, which is Jose O. Padrón’s grandfather who migrated to Cuba from the Canary Islands in the mid 1800’s.  The Padrón family started their own industry in Miami, FL with a mere $600 and eventually settled in Esteli, Nicaragua after surviving a factory fire, the Sandinista Rebellion, a U.S. Embargo on Nicaragua, and much more.

The Padrón Dámaso is unlike other Padrón Cigars. Although the filler is still Nicaraguan, the Dámaso is graciously distinguished by it’s Connecticut-Seed wrapper. The No. 8 is a smooth, delicious, easy smoke. Some flavors in the burn are hints of citrus, nuttiness, and cedar. Its creamy, fruity, and over-all amazing. I would consider it to be a consistently mild bodied cigar, hitting medium perhaps towards the end, but  only just barely.

Be leery, y’all, for this one is majorly addictive.


In a good way.


-Bear Cub

Bear Cub Pick of the Week #3

28 Sep , 2015,
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photo 1 (7)

The Gurkha Royal Challenge speaks for itself.

Some reviews will tell you that the label takes up half of the cigar. I smoked a Churchill, so this wasn’t exactly true, but let’s just say they definitely don’t spare any expense in packaging… It’s shiny, elaborate, and perhaps a bit gawdy.  I love it.

This is a delicious mild to medium bodied cigar. The flavor profile includes nutty, sweet notes, with a hint of citrus and musk. Yum!

It’s mild body contrasts it to most other cigars from Gurkha–Which tend to be medium/full bodied, as demonstrated by the well known “Gurkha Ghost” line that features a dark (almost black) Brazilian wrapper.

I’d like to think my palate is changing as I continue through The Cave Downtown humidor.  But I more often than not enjoy mild to medium cigars with lots of complex flavor the best.  This one fits right in, and i’m actually a bit hooked on it.

Now that I think about it, I should have skipped the blog and smoked them all myself…


-Bear Cub

Bear Cub Pick of the Week #2!

9 Sep , 2015,
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So Much Class.

Nat Sherman’s vintage aesthetics get me every time.  This week I decided to feature their reproduction of the original Epoca Perfecto. It’s a delicious mild to medium bodied cigar with  creamy, nutty and sweet flavors with a hint of vanilla and spice. This masterpiece contains a Nicaraguan and Dominican Cuban Seed filler, finished off by a smooth  Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.

Speculation is that Sherman came into partial ownership of Schwab Brothers and Baer (the original makers of Epoca cigars) in 1929 to settle a gambling debt. At the time, Sherman was running a Speakeasy in New York City. He eventually bought his partners out, and 86 years later is now known as one of the most prominent innovators of high-end tobacco products.

Nat Sherman’s cigar and cigarette lines capture the risque and glamorous culture of the American 1920’s: Prohibition, Speakeasys, Good Time Girls, East Coast Gangsters, Lindy Hop, and yes–Cuban Cigars. Epoca was originally produced in Florida and Cuba. This cigar is a homage to the original Epoca Cigar–and well so. Even the box they come in has reproduced art from 1929!

I guess I’m just a sucker for a cigar with a bit of cool history behind it. 

But I’m okay with that. If you’re looking for a cigar with genuine characteristics of a Cuban, look no further.

-Bear Cub

Bear Cub Pick of the Week #1!

31 Aug , 2015,
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photo 2

Welcome to the first of whats sure to be an amusing and fun journey through our humidor here at The Cave Downtown!

Each week, I’ll be going in there and spinning in a circle and randomly picking one! Okay, not really. I get dizzy easily. But– I will indeed be featuring a different cigar. So listen up, folks!

This week, I’ve decided to feature Joya De Nicaragua Cabinetta No. 7. Toro. (We carry both the Toro and the Perfecto Gordo). Its a delicious cigar– Medium bodied, creamy, and nutty, mixed with a spicy earthy tone.

Joya De Nicaragua has been making cigars for over 40 years, and their reputation is definitely upheld with the Cabinetta Serie that came out in 2010. Unlike other Joya De Nicuragua cigars such as their quite popular full strength Antaño, The Cabinetta is much more mellow. It is a fantastically smooth mild to medium bodied smoke.

This handmade display of flavor features both a Ecuadorian Shade-Grown wrapper and a rich spicy sweet Nicaraguan Sun-Grown Criollo. Its “dos capas” wrapper technique gives this cigar a beautiful taste profile. Its creamy, but also shows hints of cedar and spice.

This cigar not only has a beautiful display, but is a nice medium body thats truly great for any time of the day. (Although I prefer mine with a nice class of cab!)

Until next time,

-Bear Cub

Grand Opening

24 Aug , 2015,
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The Grand Opening was a success… Food, fun and free stuff ….


Things are changing!

5 Jul , 2015,
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As the days roll by we find ourselves amidst even more construction.  It’s slow going but things are starting to come together!  Check out our progress with these new updated pictures of how the Cave Downtown currently looks during this remodeling stage.  DSC_0691 DSC_0693 DSC_0705 DSC_0709

No Persons Under 21 Allowed