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All-Inclusive Cigar Club Membership* and humidified Storage Lockers

Apply for an exclusive cigar club membership at The Cave Downtown in Livermore, California. Several of our membership plans include perks like humidified storage lockers and in-store credit. Feel free to browse through our annual and monthly membership offerings.

Participation Plans

Choose from a variety of memberships, Our corporate membership plan offers more spacious lockers that can accommodate the cigars of up to three members. Social membership subscribers, on the other hand, do not have locker privileges.  Annual prepaid locker memberships will include discounts on tobacco products and accessories.

Locker Rentals

Keeping your precious cigars well-protected is important. Our storage lockers feature a stable temperature in a humidity-controlled environment perfect for keeping your cigars in prime condition. Each member is issued an individual locker key for security.  Pay in advance for a one year locker rental and get a store credit.

*Please note that you must be 21 or older to make purchases, use facilities, or become a member…

Guest Accommodations

For customers, one-day passes are available when you purchase cigars from our store**. Corporate and regular members have the exclusive privilege of bringing in guests (see membership guidelines).


**Day Pass free with purchase entitles you to same day access of the “Den” Members area.

Contact us today in Livermore, California to apply for an advantageous club membership that suits your lifestyle.


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