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Mike’s Farwell and review of favorite Cigar Joseph Nicavana Mezmerize

21 Jul , 2018,
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Mike’s Farwell and review of favorite Cigar Joseph Nicavana Mezmerize

I want to say thank you the Cave family and community for the wonderful time working at the cigar shop. I really appreciate Karen, Kit, and Bear for allowing me to work and be a part of a wonderful community at the cave. I have enjoyed helping and interact with all the people that have come through the shop. I will miss everyone very much as I move to Texas to finish my doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I have learned so much from working at the shop, which has added to my 20 years of enjoying cigars. I wish everyone the best wished. Thanks for the amazing experiences; I will miss Yall very much.
My last review for the cave is for my favorite cigar Joseph Nicavana Mezmerize. This cigar I would classify as a smooth maduro, it allows people to enjoy a maduro without the strength most have. It is a medium to full body cigar. But don’t let that scare you the cigar is very smooth. The blend has four different Nicaraguan fillers, two Nicaraguan binders, and a San Andres Mexican wrapper. The taste profile malt, caramel, creaminess, chocolate, nuts, citrus, cedar, and coffee. I would also say the cigar is a absolute flavor bomb with the malt, chocolate, coffee, and creaminess most prominent flavors.
For me this cigar goes well with any experience. I usually like to pair this cigar with a coffee or smooth whiskey/bourbon. The cigar is an hour to hour 30 minute smoke depending on your draw. I can’t recommend this cigar enough especially if you enjoy Nicaraguan or maduro cigars. Come to the Cave Downtown and ask for a “Mez.”

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