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Mike’s Pick- Leaf Sumatra wrap by Oscar- Perfect morning cigar

8 Jan , 2018,
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Leaf Sumatra wrap by Oscar- Perfect morning cigar

Leaf by Oscar is made in Honduras and comes with four different kinds of wrappers: Connecticut, Corojo, Maduro, and Sumatra. I will be reviewing specifically the Sumatra wrapper. The binder and filler is Honduran and the wrapper is an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. Sumatra tobacco is a delicate leaf and can be hard to work with. It is my favorite wrapper for a cigar because of the flavors of sweet coffee, milk chocolate, and creaminess. The wrapper feels soft and smooth. It has a beautiful shine and the cigar’s construction could be viewed as a work of art. The tasting notes for the cigar are milk chocolate, citrus, and hints of pepper. The cigar has a nice slow burn and is very smooth. The cigar is between a mild to mild-medium strength depending on what you normally smoke.

There is no better way to start my day than with this cigar and a coffee. It also goes great with a smooth whiskey, preferably rye. The leaf cigar is the cigar you will always see me start with when I open the shop. No matter my mood or energy, this cigar with a cup of coffee seems to make me happy. If you want to fully experience the Sumatra wrapper I suggest you try the lancero version of this cigar, as with this size the wrap place a larger role in the flavor profile. So if you’re looking to start your day on a high note pick up a Leaf Sumatra wrap cigar by Oscar and have it with a coffee. Great Morning!



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Mike has been a part of the Cave family since January 2017. Mike has been smoking cigar for over 16 years and is a passion of his. He has been lucky to known many people in the industry to learn from. Mike commonly prefers to have a coffee, whiskey or bourbon with his cigar. Mike also occasionally enjoys a pipe too.



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