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Mike’s Pick- Quesada 40th- The Spice Complex Blend

2 Nov , 2017,
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Quesada 40th– The Spice Complex Blend

The Quesada 40th cigar is a complex blended cigar. The cigar uses an Ecuadorian wrapper, Dominican binder, and blended filler of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco. The tasting notes are cedar, spices, some sweetness, and floral notes. With a blended cigar the flavors or taste change as you smoke this cigar.

This cigar is a great example of a beautifully blended cigar with its complex flavors that can change as you smoke the cigar.  For me this cigar is a great cigar to have after a great meal. The Quesada 40th is a cigar I would want after having a great steak or pasta. In my opinion this cigar would pair well with a red wine, specifically a big red wine.

About the author

Mike has been a part of the Cave family since January 2017. Mike has been smoking cigar for over 16 years and is a passion of his. He has been luck to known many people in the industry to learn from. Mike commonly prefers to have a coffee, whiskey or bourbon with his cigar. Mike also occasionally enjoys a pipe too.

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