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Mike’s Picks- Tabaquero Hamlet Paredes Bala – Unique size and “pick me up”

27 Nov , 2017,
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Tabaquero Hamlet Paredes Bala – Unique size and “pick me up”

Tabaquero Hamlet Paredes Bala is a masterfully blended cigar from master roller Hamlet Paredes formally from Partaga Cigars Cuba. Hamlet is a master roller who created this unique shape called the Bala. The binder is a combination of Brazilian and Mexican tobacco. The filler is Nicaraguan with a San Andres wrapper. This cigar is a great example of a beautifully blended cigar. The strength can be characterized as either medium-full to full body. The cigar is a great example of a work of art rolled cigar, not easily accomplished. It has a nice slow burn and to go with a unique draw because of the size. The tasting notes are bold with flavors of chocolate, earth, pepper, citrus, and is not overly complex. The chocolate flavor notes remind me of a dark chocolate cake.
I like to have this cigar when in need of a pick me up. Every time I smoke this cigar I feel energized and focused. I love smoking this cigar after eating great Mexican food. Of course I like to have this cigar with either a whiskey or dark Mexican beer. One day at the shop a client was looking for a cigar to smoke while tailgating at a Raider game. I suggested this cigar by telling him “it would fire him up so he could better represent the black whole and Raider nation.”


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Mike has been a part of the Cave family since January 2017. Mike has been smoking cigar for over 16 years and is a passion of his. He has been lucky to known many people in the industry to learn from. Mike commonly prefers to have a coffee, whiskey or bourbon with his cigar. Mike also occasionally enjoys a pipe too.






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