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Mike’s Pick – La Galera Connecticut

15 Oct , 2017,

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La Galera Connecticut- The creamy Connecticut

This cigar is a Dominican cigar with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. The tasting notes are almonds, creamy cedar, with other hints of dark cocoa, bitter espresso, gritty earth and grass. The wrapper does not have the characteristic slight bitterness found in a Connecticut wrapper.

I believe the cigar pairs well with a light beer or light roast coffee. The cigar is a must try for people who enjoy mild cigars. It’s a great cigar to start your day or have on the golf course. I call this the creamy Connecticut because that is the first flavor or taste I get and I am surprised by this because it is a Connecticut wrapped cigar..

About the author:
Mike has been a part of the Cave family since January 2017. Mike has been smoking cigar for over 16 years and is a passion of his. He has been lucky to known many people in the industry and learn from. Mike commonly prefers to have a coffee, whiskey or bourbon with his cigar. Mike also occasionally enjoys a pipe too.


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